The third roundtable in the Being a Peacekeeper series, a joint initiative of the Pearson Centre and the International Peace Institute, will take place in Berlin from October 24 to 26, 2012. The roundtable is hosted in partnership with the German Center for International Peace Operations and supported by the Governments of France and Germany.

“The Pearson Centre’s expertise in organizing this type of event has led to a successful partnership with the International Peace Institute, and we look forward to hosting another successful roundtable,” said Dr. Ann Livingstone, the Pearson Centre’s Vice President for Research and Learning Design.

The Berlin roundtable brings together senior officials from the Ministries of Defense, Interior, and Foreign Affairs of select European countries, as well as the European External Action Service and the United Nations (UN), to discuss issues most relevant to enhancing European contributions to UN peacekeeping. The roundtable will feature the participation of a number of prominent experts in peace operations, including Hervé Ladsous, the Under Secretary-General of the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations.

The Being a Peacekeeper initiative seeks to contribute to the UN’s efforts to increase the quantity and improve the quality of contributions to UN peacekeeping. It also aims to facilitate networking at a regional level between experienced contributors and countries considering becoming more actively engaged in peace operations. Finally, it provides a forum for interaction between contributors and other key elements in the UN system, interested member states, and the policy research community.

The Berlin roundtable is the third event in the series, following on the successful 2011 event in Kuala Lumpur, which brought together Southeast Asian states, Japan and China, and was sponsored by the Government of Australia.